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Content Creation & Enhancement | VSL Scriptwriting | Ghostwriting | Web Building | Engagement...

Making words work... (for humans, not algorithms)

"Sheena is totally amazing. I started working with her a few months ago when I needed a bit of help with an overspill of work but she's been so fantastic I've actually been able to use her services as a way of building my business. She is talented, keeps to deadlines, always reliable, offers suggestions and I can basically trust her to do her thing without much input. She's absolutely lovely too. Highly recommended."

Nikki Vivian – Founder & CEO of Nikki Vivian Career Consultancy

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We know story selling...

With almost two decades of journalism, feature writing, copywriting, and editing experience, we know how words work – for both print and online.

Since 2004, our founder has written countless original feature articles and columns for such respected news and media outlets as The Irish Independent, The Sunday Independent,, The Herald,, and more. 

Sheena has also provided ghostwriting, copywriting/editing services for several national and international businesses plus semi-state bodies. These include including Language Analysis 'Plain Language' platform, plus, TitleCapture.comFís Éireann/Screen IrelandThe Irish Hospice Foundation (in conjunction with the HSE),, (Bord Bia), and (Irish Hotels Federation).

While thriving on tight deadline commitments, we appreciate the importance of detail, flow, and – above all – the precision and tone required when trying to sell a narrative to an individual reader or a broad audience. We know how to make your college essay | thesis | dissertation read well; hone that Profile to perfection; help that impending speech fizz; and elevate your website through engaging writing.

Below is our basic Lightbulb List of services available via PROOFIT.IE; for a more in-depth overview regarding some of our more popular services, make your way here...

• Proofing & Enhancement
• Plain Language Consulting
• Essay | Thesis | Dissertation Finessing
• Online | Print Content Creation
• Branded Content Creation
• Process Documentation

• Web Building Services
• VSL Scriptwriting

• Speech Writing
• Book Editing
• Ghostwriting

We work within a timeline that suits you while providing very competitive prices when compared with industry standards. 

Give us a shout and let's work something out!

"Sheena is a fantastic editor - of course, all of the "table stakes" things were taken care of perfectly (grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, etc.). But where Sheena really shines is her broader experience and understanding of what it means to produce content online and add value to your reader. She was able to level up our content from a programmatic and strategic level. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to take their content to the next level."

Marcel Petitpas – Founder & CEO of


Meeting your unique needs...

Typing on the Computer


Sometimes, AI tools just won't do. Here's why...

You need the human touch! Nuance and word choice are important. Sentence structure is paramount for readability. As part of our tailored copywriting/enhancement, we won't just remove the odd typo, or simply amend grammar; we'll make your sentences succinct, remove repetition, and rework syntax. Whether it's your college thesis or giving your website a fresh tone, PROOFIT.IE will make your words flow.

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We're here to build your online presence so you don't have to...

Domain Registering, DNS re-routing, design options, plus the small matter of SEO... Website building takes time and can seem more convoluted than it is. Let PROOFIT.IE guide you through it – or we could just do it ALL for you! We are proficient across an array of site builders including SquareSpace, WIX, and Wordpress, among others. Once you have your shiny new website, we can then help you find your online voice via our copywriting services.

Open Books


Need a fresh pair of eyes?

We know how it is... you've been looking at your baby for so long now, you don't know if it makes sense any more. Trust us, it does. You just need some independent peepers to cast a fresh perspective. We have experience in dealing with drafts at various stages of (in)completion, and can create a perfect pitch that should grab a range of publishers.



The Devil's in the detail...

Do you know what you want to say, but don't know how to say it? Whether it's academic, procedural, comedic, or conversational, we'll give your words a makeover tailored to your audience. We also offer VSL (Video Sales Link) Scriptwriting services for optimal (and authentic) social media engagement.

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We'll write that blog/script for you...

Life is busy. So, you can either let ChatGPT write that blogpost/Substack for you (and have to double-check everything afterward), or you could let us create engaging and shareable content in your brand voice. Simply send us a video/Loom of what you want to say and we can ghostwrite the rest. We can even upload it to your site for you.

"Sheena has as sharp a mind as anyone I've ever met. Her writing is witty, incisive and always accurate – she's smart and understands the importance tone and nuance perfectly. Without Sheena, I can safely say that would not have been the success it turned out to be."

Julian Douglas – Founder & Former CEO of


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